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Evidence-based policy has become somewhat of a catchphrase in politics. Everybody's for it and nobody's against it. But there's evidence and there's evidence. Education policy has long been guided by research with poor quality, which in turn has contributed to the confusion regarding what works and what doesn't work in education. Anybody can find a study proving their point. But not everyone can find good studies that prove their point.

Since the Spring of 2014, we've been producing an (almost) Monthly Research Digest, intended to give interested parties a direct view of what the rigorous economic research suggests works in education, both from a macro-policy perspective as well as from the point of view of teachers and head teachers who are looking for more effective classroom strategies. The digest provides abstracts and snippets of such research, with comment and analysis of selected studies that are especially interesting from the point of view of educators and policymakers. 

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Since December 2015, we have published an Annual Research Digest. The first Annual Research Digest, included contributions from a number of influential researchers considering important pieces of research they think should be acknowledged and discussed in education policy circles. The 2016-17 Annual Digest, considering recent evidence on uses of technology in education, was published on 6th July 2017.